Sunday, September 9, 2012

Free 3D Model for subscribers and followers: Rocca di San Marino

The wait was long (damn holidays!) but I think the result is good.
Format available: 3d max 2010 (vray2) - OBJ (textured) - Vob for Vue10 (for previous version just import the obj format).

Pay attention: it's a 98 megabytes zip files...

In order to obtain the download link is necessary to subscribe the site or follow on twitter @rodluc, once registered mail me to, so it's easier to send you the link asap.

“The distance between the cities of Rimini and San Marino is thirteen miles, and the road, though so steep when within a few miles of the mountain as to require the addition of oxen to the carriage, is kept in excellent condition. After a pleasant drive of ten miles through a fertile valley abounding in vineyards and cornfields, the traveller arrives at the northern boundary of the republic. Here a stone formerly bore on one side the initials S. P. (Pontifical States), and on the other R. S. M. (Republic of San Marino), but time has obliterated all traces of the letters.”
from “The Republic of San Marino” 1880 by Charles Bruc, duca di Busignano 

There you can found the beautiful Castle called "Rocca di San Marino" and if you are one of my twitter followers of website subscribers you can have it TOTALLY for free.


  • First become a follower or a subscriber (here for the istructions or here if you have a twitter account)
  • Second SEND ME an email (, a simple mail like : " i'm your follower XXXX (or subscribwer YYY), please send me the link of models for followers/subescribers" 
  • Third:  i will send you the direct links!


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