Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free 3D Model : inspired by Naboo Palace

This is a preview of my new free model for the internet community, hope you like it, is now available for the download.

Breaking news : 12 Naboo Houses Pack released ! check it out here

Here and Here two new posts with some nice renderings !
By the way some comments would be appreciate, just download it is not very elegant ;)

Download  here, attention BIG file (about 160 mega...) - vob file is for Vue 9, max is for 3d studio 2010 !

Textures : the original Rodluc's textures...

Well, make commercial textures is not so smart, 'coz on web you can find many perfect maps... but this is my 2 cents for the textured vision of the world (you can see Vol.1 but never released a Vol. 2 !)

Link to marketplace coming soon

3D model : Medieval castle evolution

My bestseller model, Medieval castle evolution, with the collaboration of the renderosity user : hannah available also for Poser.

Buy the poser version here ance the max/obj version here for 20,00 US dollars

3D model : Fenis Castle

Another italian castle, made with some new features : the roofs are modeled in zbrush and you can easly view the difference with other "flat" textured roof  !

3D model : Tures Castle

Want a fortified citadel ? Tures Castle is for you, another 5 stars on renderosity user's review :

2007-05-12 20:22:07
Review By: iloco
A well made model and looks great in renders. I highly recommend it. :)
2005-08-20 11:40:51
Review By: drifterlee
The castle renders beautiful in Vue, but you have to texture it by hand in other programs like Poser and Bryce. Since I have Vue, it's no big deal. Great castle!!!
2005-08-10 13:28:41
Review By: TamiL
Wonderful castle! A must have for castle scenes, renders beautifully in Vue!
2005-07-05 12:03:07
Review By: SndCastie
Great castle excellent work.
2005-06-29 17:45:31
Review By: Zhann
Terrific modeling as always!!

Buy here for 6 US dolalrs !

3D model : Ancient Bridges

Well, need a bridge ? here is the right place... two old detailed bridges models, ready for your rendering !

Free 3D model : LowPoly Houses

Working on photo textures, i made some simple but very nice houses models, this short showreel can give you an idea.
Download the model ! is again free !

you can download here the Vue version, and here the 3ds with maps.

3D model : Ancient Rome set 2008

A monster effort to make this set of models, about 100 megabytes of models and textures : five high detailed models.

3D model : Antico borgo 2009

An hard work on texturing in this model, over 50 house model in low-poly and with original maps.

buy here! only 9.90 us dollars

Renderosity user's review still simply perfect with an average o fivestars :

2011-04-24 17:51:42
Review By: PiXeLCandy
Awesome! I love Antico Borgo 2009. The quality is Amazing and render perfect in PoserPro2010. A top notch vendor. Thanks :)
2010-10-19 13:15:39
Review By: jb11
This is a fantastic set of buildings. A classic Italian hill town that renders beautifully. Love it!
2010-05-22 16:26:40
Review By: fireknght2
Exceptional artwork again and most of all the variety of formats which allow me to use in all my 3D software packages.
Thank You for providing us another great piece of work.
2010-04-21 06:22:46
Review By: Thelby
Luc has done it again with a Fantastic piece of modeling work! This is a Highly Recommended item for all those landscape scenes where an ancient city is in need!!!
2009-12-08 15:19:00
Review By: Rorsdors
It’s an excellent model at the price, but I wish he’s labelled something, finding anything is a slow process, still a good model and glad I bought it.

Take a look : some rendering with Antico Borgo 2009 !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Animation : A Castle Showreel !

I proud to show you my old, but nice, showreel with many of my free stuff !

Enjoy it !

(For some copyright issue this video is not avalilable in Germany... liebe deutsche Freunde, nicht verzweifeln !)

3D Model : Castle interior rooms 4 packs !

Four distinct packages can help you when you want make medieval renderings with interior parts of a castle.

Interior Castler rooms Pack3 - click the pay pal button "paga adesso" for only 9 Us Dollar

3D model : Sci-Fi Suburbs Blocks

I love science fiction and not only the medieval castles! sometime i left the ancient world to make a leap into the future and build models based on the futuristic world similar to star wars.
In particular, the planet Coruscant of star Wars saga is the most interesting for me and i want to create models that can easily recreate similar envronments.

this is an original image from movie Star wars episode 2, you can see de super detailed world of coruscant :

Creating similar environment is a challenge almost impossible to win, so I thought to generate repeatable forms part of the city, the suburbs

inserting these modules at random in a scene, you can achieve remarkable results, as you can see from the pictures below (In the picture i used also some free models coming from sci-fi 3d like the millenium falcon or some buildings or the platform)

Free 3D model : Ancient Tower

An evergreen model, simple and perfect for desolate land ambientation.

Download model with maps

Free 3D model : Rural Castle

Yep, another nice model, simply and simmetric, like an old big medieval rural house..

download Obj, 3DS, Vob (for vue d'esprit 4) 
 all models fully textures, maps included

Free Textures : Dirty Brick-wall textures

Ok, the free textures is not an idea so amazing , 'coz on web you can find some big free archive, but when i saw these dirty old brick somewhere in the beautyfull Italy... simply  can't resist...

Pack 1 - six 1200x1600 images of detailed dirty brick-wall download  here
Pack 2 - four 1200x1600 images of detailed dirty brick-wall download here

Free 3D model : Abbey ruin

Something of different : a ruined old building.. maybe an abbey...

download Obj - Max (v. 6) - Vob (vue pro) maps included.
 (if necessary when import Obj, use the material editor to set maps texture and set "faces" for UV)

Free 3D model : Dark castle

This is one of my favourites, a simple idea, like a fairy evil castle, and a good textures make this model very nice ! try it ! it's free !

 with maps, available in Vob (for vue4 and for vue5) 3DS, OBJ, and MAX(6), click here for download all in one.

Free 3D model : Gothic Castle

Another one inspired by the movie Van Helsing, made just for funny but many of you like it... so many download !

with maps, available in Vob (for vue4 and for vue5) 3DS, OBJ, MAX(6), and LWO, click here for download all in one.

Free 3D model : German Castle

Inspired by the famous Neuschwanstein Castle the free model is a quite version, nice when the model is in far background position. New Swan Stone palace, The palace comprises a gatehouse, a Tower, the Knight's House with a square tower, and a Palace, or citadel, with two towers to the Western end. The castle was designed as the romantic model of a knight's fortress. Castle has several separate structures which were instituted over 150 meters on the top of a cliff. The stretch of the building is decorated with various towers, gables, balconies, pinnacles, ornamental turrets, and sculptures.

download  Obj, 3DS, Vob (for vue d'esprit 4) and Vob for VuePro 4.5 
 all models fully textures, maps included

Free 3D model : Cathedral

I love the architecture represented in buildings such as cathedrals and churches, but many details often discourage attempts to create 3D models.
Here is an attempt, on the whole, quite successful.

download here, with incorporated hi-res textures vue pro 4.5 and 3DS - OBJ  with maps separated.

3D Model : Medieval castle set 2008

Just another 5 stars review from renderosity user, the Medieval castle set 2008 give you the chance to use over 30 models fully textured, with 2 different castle and many usefull objects.

Take a look on the promo show-reel

and this is the renderosity users review :

2011-05-09 17:32:33
Review By: PiXeLCandy
Awesome! A great castle thanks. :)
2009-09-01 16:39:06
Review By: fireknght2
rodluc2001 your medieval art work has once again been top notch. Very accurate and loads of opportunities, well worth the money.
Thank You for sharing your Art with us. Rich
2008-12-14 13:41:34
Review By: Cybertenko
Another great model set by rodluc! For this incredible price you will get whole bunch of medieval themed model - mostly architecture, which is best, furnitore, carts and dishes. All models ale very well made and chosen, you will be able to make a lot of exterior or interior renders. And of course, the main model is complete citadel model which alone is worth the price for full pack. There is vue version available which can save you some work with textures if you decide for 3d max/obj version instead. anyway this is really great value for such low price. 

More image ? ok, let's take a look :