Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free 3D model : Coruscant round suburb with tutorial !

Hello everyone, my image of the figth near the Coruscant Senate and the details of the suburbs city has attracted some interest, particularly on the modeling of suburbs that are quite beautiful !

a combination of accurate models and detailed textures can solve the great problem of doing justice to the planet Coruscant.

click here to download the round suburb of cosruscant (Obj + maps)
and if you want professional suburbs, take a look here

Let's start with models: the main buildings can be retrieved for free directly from the great site, these help to define the general structure of the city, the idea is to put them in the background with the exception of a main building (in my case I chose the Senate in the middle); starships, platforms and other could be valuable contributions to the whole scene.

The model of the suburbs has a cylindrical shape like the movie Star Wars Episode 2:

So the first thing to do is to produce a cylinder as close as possible to the original one. I used 3d studio 2010, I defined a cylinder and with some boolean operations I created the "streets" and used the Greeble plugin to increase the number of details

tailored textures was more complicated than expected, because i found the reference image (on but was square instead of the radial and the result seemed patently wrong :

red arrows: direction of the meshes, blue arrows: direction of the texture
To resolve this problem there are three ways :
  1. leave everything like that, but is used only for rendering the suburbs far away, so the details are not too visible
  2. change the texture and make it as radial.
  3. make a massive mapping activities!
We exclude the point 3 (too hard) and remains the 2nd point that requires some work with photoshop and rendering "appropriate" in 3d studio, in order to recover a more consistent texture that will solve the problem (albeit with a small defect...)
We create some of "slices" as wide as a row of buildings in the background :

and apply the textures with 4 separate provisions so that they are not perfect copies, which multiply and rotate until you get a circle, which then rendered and adjusted in Photoshop :

now meshes and textures have the same orientation

at the end we will get our texture :

...taht applied to the model will eliminate the defect mapping :

It only remains to make the setup of a scene and press render !

you can easily find the flaw in the image that I wrote above: in the vertical mapping you can see that the texture is not well positioned ... but a bit of postwork with photoshop can solve the problem ...

That's all !! leave your comments and your ideas...

Another render with some nice free models from sci-fi 3D


  1. thank'you Michel, a big effort but a nice model for all the 3d fanatics star wars fan ... ;)

  2. Wow!!! once again I am amazed at your skill, I am a huge fan of your work, great job

  3. oh this is amazing, Luca, thanks for all the wonderful work you do and the fine models you share, I really do appreciate your work :)
    Just used one of your amazing castles together with Michaels cool atmo in this render:
    and will try this scifi model very soon too :)
    So thanks again

  4. Nice work Luca. You have a wonderful eye for detail and composition.

  5. Hi Luca, have you tried the vertical mapping option in Vue with the mapping mode set to object parametric? Loving the model btw!!! :)

  6. Yes Barry. i think the problem is directly connected with the "round" map...

  7. thanks for that man. you will see it in the star wars fan movie descendants of order 66

  8. I'm trying to convert the model into 3ds, using Blender, but it when I convert it to 3ds, it says that the file cannot convert, something must be wrong with this model, and I even tried to type in my email address and password for 3ds Max, but it says that my email and password do not match, it must be impossible, I'm giving up.