Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3D free model: WIP Cantina Bar form Star Wars (TM) !

Hey Folks, it's time to a new 3d model inspired by my favourite saga: StarWars (TM).

UPDATE: Model released and totally free, go here

This Time, no following or subscribing is needed! simply totally free 3D model.

just a little promo ;)

Well, the model is a WIP and i need a little time to complete and release it... (specially external details...)

Be patient! and take a look: some WIP snapshot! ;)

The blueprint that i've discovered on Net by J. Weatherly

An original shot from the movie  Star wars episode IV

Render #1 - WIP - vray2 3d studio max 2010

Render #2 - WIP - vray2 3d studio max 2010

Render #3 - WIP with some guys... (poser people not included...) - vray2 3d studio max 2010
Render #4 - WIP with some guys alternative POV... (poser people not included...) - vray2 3d studio max 2010

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free 3D Model for subscribers and followers: Jabba Palace from Star Wars (TM)

Forget Disney and Episode VII and look here!

If you want this model (vob for vue 8, max for 3d studio 2010 and Obj with maps and textures) follow this link you will be able to get the model totally for free.

In order to obtain the download link is necessary to subscribe the site or follow on twitter @rodluc, once registered mail me to rodluc@virgilio.it, so it's easier to send you the link asap.

"Hutt Castle, often simply called Jabba the Hutt's Palace after its owner, a large stone and durasteel complex, was located at the fringes of the Northern Dune Sea on the planet of Tatooine. Originally erected as a monastery of the B'omarr Order, the buildings eventually fell into the hands of two major crimelords: first an outcast and gang leader called Alkhara and later Jabba the Hutt, a notorious crime lord from Nal Hutta.
While the structure underwent many additions in the way of fortification and technological advances, the basic structure of the complex remained the same throughout its existence. Composed of a central rotunda and a taller spire adjacent to it, the ridge-side retreat also boasted an underground hangar and maintenance bay. Deep in the monastery's subterranean chambers, Jabba the Hutt made a throne room which sat on top of a pit housing a pet rancor. The Hutt used this beast for a dual purpose: protection and entertainment. At the flick of a switch, a concealed door in the floor of the chamber could deposit a threatening guest into an inescapable pit while onlookers could watch as the rancor made short work of its meal."*

*from starwars.wikia.com

A classic sunset shot, with the two suns of Tatoine

A rear view of the Palace

A closer shot in a daylight atmosphere

image made by Paul Hamilton

With the buildings model the package have also a terrain for the best positioning of the palace.


  • First become a follower or a subscriber (here for the istructions or here if you have a twitter account)
  • Second SEND ME an email (rodluc@virgilio.it), a simple mail like : " i'm your follower XXXX (or subscribwer YYY), please send me the link of models for followers/subscribers" 
  • Third:  i will send you the direct links!


Curious about how many 3d models for followers/subscribers are available for free? take a look here

Thursday, November 8, 2012

3D free model: Two Naboo Buildings

Do you love Star Wars (TM) movies and my Naboo free Palace and Houses Pack?

If yes, don't miss these two new 3d buildings TOTALLY FREE.

You can download Naboo house free 1 ONLY from Yurdigital as a free stuff here, and Naboo house free 2 from here.

With this addiction and the others originals Rodluc's Naboo models you can make city like these in minutes!

The houses pack and the two Naboo free models.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3d Model: inspired by Naboo Houses Pack

Yurdigital was be the first on release the package, get it from here!
or go to Renderosity Marketplace or Turbosquid

or buy directly from my site (only 9.00 dollars!)

just a little promo...

Made with Vue 10 using free Naboo palace and Naboo houses pack 

Made with Vue 10 using free Naboo palace and Naboo houses pack  (go here for get two free model from Naboo set)

I never imagined such a big success for the model of the royal palace of Naboo: thousands of downloads!

Free model Naboo palace

For those who do not know the palace of Naboo (the saga of Star Wars) is a free model that you can download for free from my website at this link.

Another view of free model Naboo palace

Unfortunately the palace building is not enough to recreate the atmosphere of the capital city of the planet Naboo, marked by numerous buildings in neoclassical style.

So I decided to create a dozen buildings inspired by some photographs retrieved from the film Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Here you can see another image made with Vue 10 (some star wars stuff come from http://www.scifi3d.com/), the package will soon be available on the marketplaces with which I am affiliated.

BUT, pay attention! you can get for FREE a copy of the package with the houses of Naboo!

Simply participating in the Rodluc's competition2012, how? simply send an image to the competition and automatically you will appreciate the package! take a look here for competition timing and rules.

Stay tuned and don't miss the opportunity to get for free this awesome package (format: obj with maps and textured, vob for vue 10 and max for vray2 and 3d studio max 2010).

Free 3D model: an unnecessary rubber toy!

I stole a toy from my son and I took pictures from different angles.

Then using a 3D photo reconstruction software I created a model, which I corrected several defects using Zbrush, the result is a useless 3D model of a toy that I give you for free gladly :)

Smoking bear toy rendered with Vue10
You can download from here (30 mega zip, format vob for vue8, max for 3d studio max 2010 and Obj for all the others, map included)