Saturday, October 29, 2011

3D model : Sci-Fi Suburbs Blocks

I love science fiction and not only the medieval castles! sometime i left the ancient world to make a leap into the future and build models based on the futuristic world similar to star wars.
In particular, the planet Coruscant of star Wars saga is the most interesting for me and i want to create models that can easily recreate similar envronments.

this is an original image from movie Star wars episode 2, you can see de super detailed world of coruscant :

Creating similar environment is a challenge almost impossible to win, so I thought to generate repeatable forms part of the city, the suburbs

inserting these modules at random in a scene, you can achieve remarkable results, as you can see from the pictures below (In the picture i used also some free models coming from sci-fi 3d like the millenium falcon or some buildings or the platform)