Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome again !

After the glorious, now is the time for
Sorry, my bad English is not improved ...
After receiving hundreds of thousands of hits to download 3D models (over 2 terabytes of data downloaded) is the time to adapt to modern times !
Also to make it easier to publish new material.

In my website you can download with direct links almost all the 3d models made by me: open the posts and click on links, for few models only the subscribers or my twitter followers (@rodluc2001) can get the download link. redirects to with the aim to better organize content and make it even more accessible download 3D material.

Of course, the limitations in the use of the models are identical:
No limitations for using all models, BUT if you use it, you must credit me in notes of your image.
 All models are made by me, all maps included are made by me or are downloaded as free stuff from websiste around the net.
READ CAREFULLY : You can't use the geometries of my models or my maps to make yours ! if you want provide my models for free from your website, you must provide the link of and download area.

And yes, also works in conjunction with

So, let's go and download my free 3D Models... you don't know yet ? take a look, some pictures here !


  1. Hi Luca!
    As I entered your site my eyes were growing big and bigger. At least I decided to download nearly the whole free stuff! I'm working mostly with Cinema (again after a long period) and I have to learn so much things again. Your models are true inspiration and motivation to me. So let me THANK YOU. I'll come again...
    Christian (Vienna)

  2. Thanks so much,i need osme good castle for my Browser game (its in russian langue),and the whole city look,maybe can y help me with it ?