Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rodluc2001 competition: Slideshow with all the entries

Again: was great and fun!

here a little slideshow (watch in HD for better experience) with all the entries, the winners and all the partecipants.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

...and the Winner is...

The competition is ended, the jury gave its verdict!!

Thanks goes to really legendary Judes! and all the partecipants!

Every image was given a rating from each judge according to 4 criteria:

here the winners and the winner's images:

1st classified and the winner : Alessandro Mancini (195 points)

we have 2 second place!

Gill Rogers (182 points)

Virginie Collomb (182 points)

in the next days i will contact the winners for the prizes, what they win? take a look here:

Thanks again and see you the next year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Free 3D Model for subscribers and followers: Kamino Tipoca City

Here is the latest effort of 2012, from the mythical world of Star Wars a model inspired by the city of Tipoca the planet Kamino.

If you want this model (vob for vue 8 and Obj with maps and textures) follow this link you will be able to get the model totally for free.

In order to obtain the download link is necessary to subscribe the site or follow on twitter @rodluc, once registered mail me to, so it's easier to send you the link asap.

Kamino's capital, Tipoca City, consisted of a network of stilt structures that spanned more than a hundred kilometers along Kamino's western equator and was considered by many to be the heart of Kaminoan society. 
The millions of Kaminoans who occupied Tipoca worked either with the cloning program or with the bureaucracy. No Kaminoans took residence within the city, nor was there any public space. Nearly all Kaminoans who worked within the city lived in numerous satellite cities situated around the capital. Constant traffic ran to and from Tipoca, as workers, bureaucrats, and many others traveled to and from their homes. The only living space in the city was the quarters of the prime minister and the military staff, and a group of apartments for cloning scientists. 
The scientists resided in Tipoca in alternating shifts of three months each before returning to their homes and families.*


Rendered with Vue 10
Rendered with Vue 10 - postwork with Photoshop

Saturday, December 15, 2012

3D Model: The evolution of Scifi suburbs blocks

After the glorious era of my model sci-fi blocks of 2009, I thought it was time to create a new set of blocks for the creation of futuristic cities.

I learned a lot from the first version, for example, that you should not overdo the number of polygons and the Variety of the blocks must be extensive.

So compared to the first version, this provides 10 blocks and the numbers of polygons are optimized, also 2 special models with some street neon billboard is provided.

you can get it for 12.50 US dollars from Turbosquid YURdigital and soon from Renderosity.

or buy from here (only 9,00 us dollars)

Have you the original vol. 1? get the vol.2 for only 5.00 us dollars! how? send me an email for details:

The model will be soon available in the marketplace and those who have already purchased the original version of 2009 will get a special rebate

A little showreel...

the first rendering with the blocks! (rendered with vue 10) - click for a big version!

sunset shot with alternative texture maps with windows-lights on

Sunday, December 2, 2012

3D free Model : Cantina Bar Released!

As you can see here the model inspired by the famous Cantina Bar from Stawars (TM) is ready and you can download it from this page.

The biggest effort has been made to the internal part of the model, whereas the outside is not particularly detailed.

The version for 3d studio max contains some arches very detailed, to avoid a 600 MB file as obj these arches were removed,  so if you use the max version is better if your PC has enough RAM to have no performance problems.

Here 2 fast rendering made with Vue 10 for rendering made with 3d Studio (and a little stupid video promo) take a look here.

rendered with vue 10

rendered with vue 10

The model is released in 3 file format: .MAX for 3d studio max 2010 (vray 2) . OBJ (with maps and .mtl) and .VOB for Vue 8, download the zip form here (91 megabytes)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

3D model : Naboo Style Houses POSER Version!

Hi all, a Poser (8) version of my Naboo Style Houses will be available soon.

The version will be a poser native Props and will also feature a specific version of the Naboo Palace and the two free houses as a prop.
The maps pack have also many reflective maps, you can use the reflective maps to make the windows reflective!

Stay tuned for the release!

an exemple: what you can do with this model pack!

One of the houses in Poser 8

The Naboo Style Houses Poser Props

The Poser Folder of Naboo props for installation.