Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free 3D model : old Bookshop

Just playing with 3d studio and one of the best free plug-in: Ivy and voilà! i've a new model in  my hands...
No castles or medieval stuff this time, but a tiny bookshop with a lots of books...

The model is for "outside" rendering, but you can insert what you want inside... and only the right ivy is included, others flowers and plants are not included, if you like it you can buy it: is an Evermotion stuff

The version with maps that you can download here (100 mega) is ONLY for Vue 10 (.vob format)

Here a OBJ version (40 mega) textured but without maps...

You can download the VOB version here (about 100 megabytes size) and OBJ version (without maps! about 40 mega) here

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  1. Very nice...thanks very much.
    pax et lux