Thursday, November 8, 2012

3D free model: Two Naboo Buildings

Do you love Star Wars (TM) movies and my Naboo free Palace and Houses Pack?

If yes, don't miss these two new 3d buildings TOTALLY FREE.

You can download Naboo house free 1 ONLY from Yurdigital as a free stuff here, and Naboo house free 2 from here.

With this addiction and the others originals Rodluc's Naboo models you can make city like these in minutes!

The houses pack and the two Naboo free models.


  1. Imaginative ... thank you, Luc.

  2. Thanks Luca, but in these models there are errors in the .obj in the .zip, making them only useful from one angle only...not a complaint, just a head's up

    1. thank'you for your feedback, i will fix it and i will reupload the zip.