Sunday, January 20, 2013

3D free model: the Naboo Hangar

A new free model from the Naboo style models serie: is the big naboo hangar available in vob (for vue 8 or sup.) and Obj with maps and textured.

Others Naboo models are here:

  1. Naboo Palace
  2. Naboo Houses Pack

NB: The statue in front of the hangar come from  and was catch with the 123catch application by Leonardo Vinti and is included in the pack as free redistribuible items without commercial scope following the distribution rules of (Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike License.)

The Hangar Naboo Style model (starship models from sci-fi 3d - not included)

The derivated statue from Leonardo Vinti 123Catch.
Download the model Here.

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  1. Most generous my friend. Once again thank you very to play now....

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  3. Excellent model! Thanks for this.

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