Saturday, December 24, 2011

Free 3D Model for subscribers and followers : Huis Seventer

Hello, as mentioned in the previous post is available for all my twitter followers and subscribers of my blog for this new model (others free models don't need subscription...)

In order to obtain the download link is necessary to subscribe the site or follow on twitter @rodluc, once registered mail me to, so it's easier to send you the link asap.

...and yes ! the building have some empty rooms !! want fill the room ? try here

Original draw privided by Ulco.

The model is provided in vob format for Vue 9, OBJ and Standard version of 3d studio max 2010 (some materials use the engine vray 2).

zip file : 42 megabytes

Pay attention : its a huge model with over 5000 objects and over 300K polygons, i hope you have a good workstation with a lot of RAM, if no, ask it from Christmas !!!

In case you need to remap some materials such as windows, the maps are also masks for transparency and reflection.


  • First become a follower or a subscriber (here for the istructions or here if you have a twitter account)
  • Second SEND ME an email (, a simple mail like : " i'm your follower XXXX (or subscribwer YYY), please send me the link of models for followers/subescribers" 
  • Third:  i will send you the direct links!


Curious about how many 3d models for followers/subscribers are available for free? take a look here


  1. I got the model Luca, thanks so much, merry christmas to you!

  2. Luca, non riesco a trovare il link giusto per scaricare questo modello meraviglioso. Per favore fatemi sapere su FB come posso ottenere. Voglio fare delle belle immagini in Vue.

  3. ciao,
    volevo iscrivermi al tuo blog ma non trovo il link (per me l'inglese è come l'arabo).
    non ho FB o altro. navigo solo in google.

    per favore, come posso fare?

  4. ciao Anonimo scrivimi una mail qui così avrò i tuoi riferimenti e posso spiegarti come fare... per l'inglese sulla parte destra del blog puoi tradurre il sito in italiano con un click... e visto che il mio inglese fa schifo ti assicuro che la traduzione in italiano è comprensibile !

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  6. Thank You for the beautiful Models very detailed and elegant. To share these is an honor to receive and their quality is just as good as the packages I have purchased. Many thanks to you for the beautiful art.


    1. Thank'you Richard, words like yours inspire me !

  7. Wow the subscription process is weird? After doing all needed things in Google and here I still end up as "Unknown" even though I set up a different name. Oh well.

  8. Subscribed with Yahoo. Email sent.

  9. Unfortunately, I received nothing with a link to Huis Seventer. This is a very elegant looking structure, one I was considering for your competition.

    1. hi Larry as you can read here i need your mail to send the link... so send me an email at and i will send you the link for the models for followers/subscribers

  10. Subscribed with Google, email sent.