Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rodluc's Marketplaces

If you are interested in my commercial 3D Models and not only for the free stuff here you can select some different big marketplaces, and others will come soon :

Directly from my website, just follow the tag "3D model" and you will redirected on the commercial models pages

Most popular website to buy and sell your 3d stuff at good price. Simple join to become the member and start selling and buying... click here to access the Rodluc's Renderosity marketplace

a Great site !  Join the world’s top artists who use TurboSquid 3D models in advertising, architecture, broadcast, games, training, film, the web, and just for fun. click here to access the Rodluc's Turbosquid marketplace.

another great site with fine 3D models and graphic applications, click here to access the Rodluc's Yurdigital marketplace is another great 3d marketplace, i will upload many of my models soon, now CCK12 is available click here.

The 3d studio is an old and gloriosus 3d marketplace and now hosts also my model, click here

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